First Year Composition and the Library

That said, and here’s my soapbox moment, the most important parts of library instruction, as far as I’m concerned, are: 1. getting students into the library for the first time and 2. giving students a compassionate, human face to connect with the library.

A lot of times students don’t believe the library is “for them” and it is important to give them an accommodating entry into a world that might be intimidating.

I Am a Writer: Research Proposal

People talk about how you need to develop a thick skin if you want to be a writer, but I think of it more as a kind of callous: criticisms are blisters that heal and eventually make us stronger. But it hurts in the meantime.

In Medias Res: Don’t Start with Background Information

I had an “Ah-ha!” moment about this when I was working on the rough draft of my Community Reflection, which my students and I started last Friday. I decided I wanted to write about how coming home after my Dad’s surgery and then spending the week with him in the hospital gave me a new…

Crystal Magic: Revised and Developed

This week my students and I worked to revise and develop one of our papers. I chose this one to revise because when he finished reading the other version, my husband said, “I  expected more. It’s not long enough. You need to tell me more about this person.” So I did, and of course it…